prints, printing, printed
1) VERB If someone prints something such as a book or newspaper, they produce it in large quantities using a machine.

[V n] He started to print his own posters to distribute abroad...

[V n] The Slovene bank has printed a specimen bank note...

[be V-ed prep/adv] Our brochure is printed on environmentally-friendly paper...

[V-ed] We found that television and radio gave rise to far fewer complaints than did the printed media.

Derived words:
printing N-UNCOUNT oft N n

His brother ran a printing and publishing company.

...stocks of paper and printing ink.

In American English, print up means the same as print.

V P n (not pron) Community workers here are printing up pamphlets for peace demonstrations... have/get n V-ed P Hey, I know what, I'll get a bumper sticker printed up.

2) VERB If a newspaper or magazine prints a piece of writing, it includes it or publishes it.

[V n] We can only print letters which are accompanied by the writer's name and address.

[V-ed] ...a questionnaire printed in the magazine recently. [Also be V-ed in n]

3) VERB If numbers, letters, or designs are printed on a surface, they are put on it in ink or dye using a machine. You can also say that a surface is printed with numbers, letters, or designs.

[V-ed] ...the number printed on the receipt...

[V n on n] The company has for some time printed its phone number on its products...

[be V-ed with n] The shirts were printed with a paisley pattern...

[be V-ed prep/adv] `Ecu' was printed in lower case rather than capital letters. [Also V n, V prep/adv]

4) N-COUNT A print is a piece of clothing or material with a pattern printed on it. You can also refer to the pattern itself as a print.

Her mother wore one of her dark summer prints...

In this living room we've mixed glorious floral prints.

...multi-coloured print jackets.

5) VERB When you print a photograph, you produce it from a negative.

[V n onto/from n] Printing a black-and-white negative on to colour paper produces a similar monochrome effect...

[V n onto/from n] I selected two negatives to print from. [Also V n]

6) N-COUNT A print is a photograph from a film that has been developed. and white prints of Margaret and Jean as children.

...35mm colour print films.

7) N-COUNT A print of a cinema film is a particular copy or set of copies of it.

First released in 1957, the movie now appears in a new print.

8) N-COUNT A print is one of a number of copies of a particular picture. It can be either a photograph, something such as a painting, or a picture made by an artist who puts ink on a prepared surface and presses it against paper.

...12 original copper plates engraved by William Hogarth for his famous series of prints.

9) N-UNCOUNT Print is used to refer to letters and numbers as they appear on the pages of a book, newspaper, or printed document.

...columns of tiny print...

Laser printers are popular because of their high quality print and silent working.

10) ADJ: ADJ n The print media consists of newspapers and magazines, but not television or radio.

I have been convinced that the print media are more accurate and more reliable than television.

...print journalists.

11) VERB If you print words, you write in letters that are not joined together and that look like the letters in a book or newspaper.

[V n] Print your name and address on a postcard and send it to us.

12) N-COUNT You can refer to a mark left by someone's foot as a print.

He crawled from print to print, sniffing at the earth, following the scent left in the tracks.

...boot prints.

13) N-COUNT: usu pl You can refer to invisible marks left by someone's fingers as their prints.

Fresh prints of both girls were found in the flat.

14) See also printing
15) PHRASE: PHR after v, v-link PHR If you appear in print, or get into print, what you say or write is published in a book, newspaper, or magazine.

Many of these poets appeared in print only long after their deaths...

There was no immediate prospect of the diaries getting into print.

16) PHRASE: usu v-link PHR If a book is in print, copies of it are still being produced.

Many of their books have been in print for nearly 40 years.

out of print
17) PHRASE: v-link PHR If a book is out of print, copies of it are no longer being produced.

I believe the book is now out of print, but it can easily be borrowed from libraries.

in print
18) PHRASE The small print or the fine print of something such as an advertisement or a contract consists of the technical details and legal conditions, which are often printed in much smaller letters than the rest of the text.

I'm looking at the small print; I don't want to sign anything that I shouldn't sign...

The US embassy says the fine print needs to be worked out on the trade agreement between the United States and the European Community.

19) a licence to print moneysee licence
to print moneysee money
Phrasal Verbs:

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